Download WinOSi Netrenderer

DELPHI programmer Ryan Widi Saputra from indonesia learned C++ just because he wanted to make some modifications to WinOSi. As a result he created a really amazing enhanced network-rendering version based on release 0.45 of WinOSi.

Here are some of the features:
- colored light sources supported
- every color will be shown even in the first pass
- client/server based network rendering
- no display, pure console application
- depth of field
- glow effect

For more details please read the included readme.txt file.

Download source and executables:

OSiServer setup
for 32-bit Windows, with samples, 288k
OSiServer source code
not available yet
OSiClient setup
for 32-bit Windows, 98k
OSiClient source code
for MS Visual C++

sample image showing depth of field effect.