Textures & Models
Free Textures
These bitmap textures can be used anywhere for additional photo-realism in your scenes. Such textures are however "fake" because they never occur that way in nature. They are like photos and can only simulate real-life materials in a very simple manner. But sometimes they look great. You may want to make some corresponding bump maps yourself.
Texture Gallery

Free Models
These models are designed for pasting them into your own VModel or WinOSi scenes. The units are meters and they come with some view definitions but without light-sources. So if you want to render the model files directly with WinOSi, you have to place some lights first.

VModel can be used to export these models to VRML, so they can be imported in other 3D-packages such as 3DSMAX for example. Note that only polygonal meshes (like the 'Table' or the 'Kodak box') or simple quadrics without clippings or texture coordinates, can be represented in VRML. The filleted edges of the 'Carpet' or the 'Trafo1' model will be lost when saving as VRML.
Model Gallery