VModel History
04/13/2005 Release 0.65
New Features:
- Multimaterial PolyMeshes now fully supported
- 3D-Studio import enhanced (animation transformations)
- Lightwave import enhanced (Materials, LWO2-Format)
- rudimentary Videoscape import
- Split by Material

Bug fixes:
- missing normal-matrix for wireframe backface culling added
- MarkWindow works with transformed objects now
- Bug causing infinite loop in SelectFaces fixed
- "Merge" always keeps smoothing groups now
- NormalsFlip updates smoothing normals now immediately
- buffer overflow at long tokens fixed
- several small enhancements

09/07/2004 Release 0.64
New Features:
- New import filter for USGS DEM files
- RaVi-Standard-Shader supports multiple lights now
- Object/Smooth removes all Phong normals now
- GIF-files and 8-bit-palletized BMPs are allowed for textures and photos now
- DXF-Import now accepts single LF instead CRLF too

Bug fixes:
- OpenGL-error with too many lights fixed
- self-shadowing bug at spherical lights fixed

05/08/2003 Release 0.63
New Features:
- Texture filenames can be given without extension
- arcs and polylines with thickness can be imported from DXF-files as cylinder-segments
- torus and ring primitive have snap-points now and can be mapped

- complete new BSP-tree accelerated raytracing engine "RaVi"
- fresnel formula

Bug fixes:
- Bug in OpenGL-lighting fixed (Thanks to Julien Roger)
- many small fixes and enhancements

10/17/2002 Release 0.62
New Features:
- new fast and powerful camera matching algorithm: Direct Iteration
- background-image points can be linked to edges
- simple spherical reflection mapping (see fiero.vmd)
- JPEG and TARGA images can be used for textures and Photos
- objects with emissive materials are used as lightsources in shaded or raytraced display

- unified and optimized raytracing engine for raytrace-renderer and light-ray-simulator

Bug fixes:
- handling of phong-normals in file-operations (see phong.vmd)
- highlight position in OpenGL shaded display

06/13/2002 Release 0.61
New Features:
- new camera matching algorithm: VHd-Method

- background image changed from OpenGL to GDI for compatibility

Bug fixes:
- material mutilation when saving vmds fixed
- object skipping in 3DS-import fixed
- axis rotation around x-axis fixed

05/02/2002 Release 0.60
This was the first public release after years of development.