Download WinOSi

WinOSi is copyrighted freeware: This means you are allowed to use and distribute the package freely for non-commercial purpose. You are not allowed to declare WinOSi or parts of it as your own work or sell it for money.

In addition WinOSi is Open Source: Those of you, who are interested in rendering algorithms can have a look into the original source code, make modifications and extensions. If you want to publish your modified version of WinOSi it has to be freeware and Open Source too.

Newest versions of WinOSi:

WinOSi 0.46 executable
for 32-bit Windows, zipped 139k
xOSi 0.44a executable
for Linux i386, tgz
WinOSi 0.46 source code
for MS Visual C++ 6.0, zipped 124k
xOSi 0.44a source code
for Linux, tgz
Sample Scenes
zipped 104k
ported by Michael Farnsworth
gtk 2.0, gtkmm 2.0, libsigc++-1.2.x

Older versions of WinOSi:

WinOSi 0.43 executable
the last version capable of rendering functions
0.43 Sample Scenes
with the water-scene and the function gallery

NetRender WinOSi Modification
Ryan Widi created a client/server based network-rendering modifcation of WinOSi with many additional enhancements
python scripts for blender v2.36
Anthony D'Agostino wrote a little Blender exporter and a simple converter to get at the HDRI image
MacOSi Patch
This patch, made by Jeongyun Lee, can be applied to the xOSi-source
to make it compile for MacOS X.
Illum2 scene in various formats
For comparison between rendering techniques, as seen in the gallery
Illum2 scene in Cinema4D and Softimage XSI formats
created by Georg Niedermeier aka sad and Helge Mathee (